Classic Massage Therapy from Tranquil Touch Spa

30 minutes $40

60 minutes $65

90 minutes $95

120 minutes $125

AVEDA Aroma Massage

This deeply relaxing, full-body massage is combined with aromatherapy. The therapist will customize with essential oils, techniques, pressure, pace, and products used during your massage to give you the best experience possible.

Stress, muscle tension and lack of energy can all be addressed with a customized massage where you determine the amount of time you want to spend on your treatment. After a thorough consultation, your therapist will customize with essential oils, techniques, pressure, pace, and products used during your massage to give you the best experience possible.

Body Brushing Massage

A soft, natural bristle body brush is used over the skin following the lymph flow. This provides light exfoliation, increased circulation and promoted lymphatic drainage. The brushing is followed by an oil anointment applied with a lymphatic pump technique. You will experience deep relaxation, tightened skin, and increased immunity.

Mommy Massage*

The soon to be mommy will be pampered from head to toe. Her hands and feet will be exfoliated and softened with AVEDA’s Beautifying Exfoliating Treatment. Lavender Massage Cream will be used to melt away stress and stretch marks while tangerine & vanilla essential aroma inhalations are used to help Mommy and Baby relax.

Thai Massage*

Traditional Thai Massage may be the most effective therapeutic bodywork that you will ever experience. It is a modern expression of a 2500+ year old tradition of Oriental bodywork. Thai Massage uses the whole body to treat the whole body.

It is more energizing and can be more rigorous than more classic forms of massage, but at the same time the treatment can be quite meditative. The therapist will use their hands, knees, legs and feet to move the client into a series of yoga-like stretches. Thai Massage can be varied to suit a wide range of physical needs and is often uses as a form of physical therapy to help increase range of motion and muscular strength. Thai Massage works with the body’s movement potential and energy system and is practiced dynamically on a comfortable mat on the floor with the client fully clothed, allowing for movements that are not as effective or even possible on today’s massage table.

60 minutes: $55

90 minutes: $80

120 minutes: $100

*Available in 60, 90, 120 minutes only

Deluxe Massage Therapy

Stress Release Massage

Your body will be massaged with Lavender cream, Tangerine essential oil will be used for inhalation, and hot stones & heat packs will be applied to penetrate deeply as you melt away all your stresses from the day.

Hot Stone Massage

Heated volcanic stones and smooth river rocks, in controlled temperatures, are applied to your body in a specific form and used as tools to deeply penetrate tension areas. Ultimate serenity may be achieved in this unique session.

Deluxe Mommy Massage

The soon-to-be-mommy will be pampered with relaxing and soothing essential oils that are beneficial for both mommy and baby. Her hands and feet will be exfoliated and softened with AVEDA’s Caribbean Therapy Treatment. Lavender Massage Cream will be used to melt away stress and stretch marks while Rose oil is used to help Mommy and Baby relax and enjoy the benefits of this wonderful treatment.

Goddess Massage

Get in touch with the Goddess within you! Tranquil Touch has designed a therapeutic massage especially for women. This massage provides relief for all your PMS, hormonal and menopausal woes! Reduce bloating and swelling, balance hormones and emotions, minimize pain, and enjoy an amazing massage. This massage also incorporates hot stones, balancing essential oils, reflexology, and heat packs to melt away stress.

Stress-Fix™ Body Massage

The Stress-Fix Body Massage is a full-body treatment that merges the key stress-relieving techniques of Swed-ish and deep tissue massage, acupressure points, medi-tation exercise and foot reflexology. Your massage will be enhanced with Aveda’s groundbreaking Stress-Fix™ aroma-a blend of lavender, lavandin and clary sage that is clinically proven to reduce stress.

Extreme Relief Massage

This massage is designed with pain relief in mind. This therapeutic massage includes Hot Stones, Facial Acupressure, Reflexology, and essential oils to help smooth all problems away. After this treatment you will be feeling relief all over and will be ready to take on the world!

Chakra Balance Massage

An innovative treatment that focuses on the chakra centers using a variety of massage techniques. The treatment features the AVEDA Chakra Balancing Blends and Sprays with deep tissue massage on the back and spinal muscles, a Chakra Reflexology Massage for the feet, and Chakra Balancing Work. In addition, you will be guided through a meditation to enhance the benefits of stress relief, decreased muscular tension, and increased energy.

Deep Sports Massage

This massage is designed for pain relief and to help you achieve movement goals. The treatment is customized to your needs by a certified massage therapist and may include hot, cold, or essential oil therapy. The therapist will include advanced therapeutic massage techniques to address conditions. 

Therapies may include a combination of: deep tissue, trigger point therapy, acupressure, myofascial release, range of motion/stretching, PNF, shiatsu, positional release, healing touch, or cross fiber friction.

Oncology Massage

Oncology massage refers to massage tailored to the needs of individuals with cancer. This specialized practice requires therapists to be fully educated in and pay close attention to the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of clients in all stages of cancer: diagnosis, treatment, recovery, survivor, or terminal. Training in oncology massage covers appropriate bodywork techniques for cancer clients, includes precautions for radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery, and covers physiology and pathology.


Kids Treatments – Kiddie Massage, Kiddie Facial, Kiddie Foot Treatment (12 and under)

Relax Together at Tranquil Touch Spa!

Even kids have stress, tight muscles, or skin problems . Heavy backpacks, sports and activity strains and even sleeping incorrectly can lead to pain in children. Kids are so full of energy that running around and playing can lead to slips and falls that can create pain and muscle stiffness. Give them some relief and a fun experience at the spa. Kids of all ages enjoy being loved and nurtured and what better way than with a massage or facial! These treatments can be done fully clothed or at the comfort level of you and your child. Parents are welcome to sit in on their child’s treatment or enjoy a relaxing treatment of their own!

All treatments are provided by professional, licensed therapists who always use proper draping and ethical conduct.