foot treatments

Foot Treatments

This treatment promotes balance of the body and mind by massaging pressure points on the hands and feet. The pressure points connect to different organs & glands and when stimulated, balance is achieved. This treatment includes aromatic hot towels with foot/leg massage.

30 Min | $40
60 Min | $65
Aroma Foot Therapy
This relaxing foot therapy is customized with aromas. The treatment includes aromatic hot towels, exfoliation, and ends with a moisturizing foot and leg massage.

30 Min | $40
60 Min | $65
Foot Detox
Ionic Cleanse - $40 | 45 min
Buy Four Ionic Cleanses and Get One Free - $160

This Detoxifying foot bath will pull unwanted toxins out of your body leaving you feeling cleansed and renewed. Sit back, relax and watch the color change as you release unwanted environmental toxins from liver, gallbladder, joints and kidneys.

Benefits: Liver/Kidney Detoxification, Removes Heavy Metals, Balance Body pH Levels, Boost Metabolism, Improve Blood Circulation, Increase Energy, Improves Healthy Cell Regeneration, Strengthens the Immune System, Reduces Stress, Provides Pain Relief, Internal Cleansing, Reduces Wrinkles & Acne, Increased Sex Drive, Improves Memory and Sleep, Anti-Aging, Healthy Weight Loss, Help Relieve Pain in Joints